Water Ghost H-15

Jonathan Daoust’s «Water Ghost» becomes «Charpentek» H-666

Denis Bourbonnais – Journal Saint-François (special collaboration)

A (Campivallensien) Valleyfield resident, already a member of the big regatta family, is making the leap into the brotherhood of drivers in anticipation of the next season in the Hydroplane Racing League.

Danny Léger who has been part of a Hydro 350 team, «La Bête Noire» H-999, for 4 years, has bought Jonathan Daoust’s «Water Ghost» H-15 and will make his debut in 2020 at the controls of the boat that has been renamed the “Charpentek” H-666.

This is actually the name of the construction contracting company which

his racing partner life works for in every day life. During the summer season, the two carpenters join forces at the race sites and now will form a two hydroplane race team in the pits.

«I am very excited to be driving a Hydro 350 next season. I had been thinking about it for some time and the opportunity came with Jonathan’s (Daoust) decision to give back the boat in order to take care of personal projects. Eric and I, we will continue to work together, and this is the reason behind the choice of the number 666, it’s the flip side of 999», said the 43-year-old man who handled the communications (radios) with his faithful companion during the Hydro 350 class races for the last two seasons.

No, Danny Léger is not related to Yannick Léger from the «Super Nova» H-21 who decided to take a break from the competition. However, the family fiber is omnipresent among his relatives since his wife, Valérie St-Vincent, spent her entire life in the regatta world.

Daughter of Richard St-Vincent and sister of Karl St-Vincent of the «Bull Shark Racing» H-37, «Val», her nickname, was born in 1988, the year of the 50th Regates de  Valleyfield, when her father had his own boat. «I have been in the pits since my childhood and I have always been excited by this sport. My two-and-a-half-year-old daughter was born just seven days before the first time she accompanied me to the races. At home, in the St-Vincent family, regattas are intravenous», said the 31-year-old woman.

This metaphor actually reflects the reality of families who have powerboat racing in their blood. For the Léger / St-Vincent couple, and their three children, it is difficult to think of a summer without hydroplane races.

Danny Léger has never driven in any kind of motorized racing sport, and he believes that a favorable situation has just presented itself. «At the end of each season, I was supposed to drive the H-999 but Eric always found a way to damage the boat», he joked.

His first laps will of course be under restriction and Léger will take the opportunity to make adjustments and do the set-up on the boat that will be equipped with a «Primeau Performance» engine. For those who are wondering about the colors that will appear on the «H-999» and «H-666» hydroplanes, there will not be similarities as was the case with Marc Lecompte’s «H-104» last year.

«The two boats will be different. The ‘’Bête Noire’’ will regain its black and orange while the ”Charpentek” will be painted yellow with flames», concludes Danny Léger.

Équipes H-999 et H-666.