Mike a native of Ontario was introduced to the sport as a baby, that’s right a baby, when his Dad brought him to Valleyfield for the first time and he has been coming to Valleyfield for 52 years. He made quite a reputation for himself early on in his career starting in the 2.5L class. He won numerous Championships in the 2.5L class before becoming the Back-Up driver for the GP-93, GP-79 and he even drove the GP-444 Grand Prix Valleyfield to take second place in St-Felicien when he replaced Marc Théorêt one time.

Mike is a fun loving guy who is very social but when it comes time to race its all business, he races to win and win he does. Anyone who knows Hydroplane racing will tell you that Mike can drive any boat and put it out front. Mike is what can be best described as a cautious aggressive driver meaning that he knows the limit of every hydroplane he has ever driven and pushes to that limit every time out on the water without taking unnecessary risks if that is even possible in Hydroplane racing.

Joining the TM Special GP-35 team as the designated driver is something he looks forward to and his experience and confidence will be an asset to the team and the fans will surely love it. Mike works for Sherwin Williams and has won Salesman of the year awards and his professionalism carries over to his boat racing. Work hard, play hard sums up his character.


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