Last season Mathieu had a difficult beginning but the team rolled up their sleeves and worked hard giving them an 8th position in the Championship. They wanted to show the other teams that they would be a factor to be reckoned with in 2017. Fact is, Mathieu and his team would like to finish in the top 3 in the Championship.

Mathieu dreamt about driving a hydroplane since he was a child. He followed the races as a young boy with his Father. Today his father and his mechanic as well as his children follow him almost every race weekend. It’s a nice source of motivation for him.

His best moment in the world of hydroplane racing was moving up to the Grand Prix class because he never thought it would be possible. Before a race the driver of the GP-9 The Dog listens to music in the team’s truck to help him concentrate. A few minutes before the race, once he is on the dock, a thought for his children before he gets in the boat.

The name The Dog is a return to the source for this Valleyfield native because in his first years in the world of hydroplane racing his teams in the 2.5L class and H-350 class were both named The Dog.   Lets hope it brings him good luck!


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