For Marty and his team 2016 was an unbelievable year. They won the HRL Championship. Marty confirms that his team’s consistency comes from being prepared. For Marty the races are not just about the weekend, he and his team work hard every day in order to be ready for each race. According to Marty you must make the engine happy. For him an engine is like a woman. You have to know how to talk to them!

Marty does a lot of the work on the boat himself. He says it’s his biggest challenge because besides driving the Renegade GP-93 he builds the engines and works on them with his team. Sometimes this is a hindrance to him because he doesn’t just concentrate on the driving. However, when the boat performs well it gives him the confidence to be more aggressive. Marty continues to believe that he and the other drivers in the Grand Prix class are a little crazy to drive this type of hydroplane but it sure is a lot of fun.

For Marty like most of the other drivers in the class the family has been associated with racing since 1970. Both he and his family looked at other types of racing but decided that hydroplane racing was the best option.

As the Title Champion last year he feels a little more pressure for sure but he and his team just want to continue focusing their energy on what worked for them last year. For 2017 he would like to win the Championship again. However, he would like to push a little harder in the finals and win a few, and especially Valleyfield.


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