Martin Rochon

Last year, Martin and his team changed the engine and it was a good thing. Unfortunately, an accident in Detroit ended his season. This year, he will be driving the GP-773 RTX Racing team, previously the GP-77.

The adrenalin that comes with driving a GP and the friendships that are made through the years are what he likes the most about the sport. His best moment in the world of racing happened when he won the time trial in Valleyfield 2015. It was «quite a feeling to win in front of all the fans and my family.»

During the races, Martin is very calm according to his team ! This among other things is due to his job as head of unit at the Hospital Suroit. Before a race, he likes to visualizes his start and his first turn.

For the 2017 season, Martin wants to win his first GP final and make the top 3 overall.


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