Last year, Mario made a comeback to the world of powerboat racing after a 24yr. absence. Both he and his team are very satisfied with their first season finishing in 6th place in the Championship while under restrictions. The driver of the GP-757 Canada Boy did not chose this number for nothing. He chose the number because this year, 2017, he will turn 57 and according to him, the stars are aligned in his favor because of that.

This year, he will be the oldest driver in his class and he is very proud to represent his generation.  He will also play a new role this year in the racing world because his daughter Stephanie will drive the Canada Girl S-757. Mario’s family has always been a part of the sport. His Grandfather Zoel Demers and his Uncle Paul Demers have been a source of influence to him since he was a young boy.

Before every race it’s a must for Mario to touch the water and make the sign of the cross. It’s his protection coming from his religious side. For 2017, Mario and his team are very audacious, they want nothing less than to win the Championship. They are however very much aware that it will be a very difficult task given the quality of all the drivers and their boats.


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