Ken Brodie will continue to share driving duties with Pierre Maheu in 2017. In 2015, Ken felt that he needed a change after being the sole driver of the GP-50 Intensity for a number of years. Watching Pierre drive the boat and drive it successfully allowed him to recharge his batteries and remember that it’s a privilege to drive a Grand Prix boat.
As for Pierre it was a return after 4 yrs. of absence. The first few weekends were a little more difficult for the driver that felt a little rusty but after Valleyfield everything went well for him and his team.

Both drivers were introduced to the sport at a young age. For Ken, his father was a driver and today is his chief mechanic. As for Pierre he is a Valleyfield native and his parents brought him to see the races as a young boy and he dreamt of driving a Grand Prix boat one day.

The GP-50 holds the name of their main sponsor. GP-50 is a company that designs and manufactures world class Pressure and Temperature sensors for the Aerospace, Oil and Gas Industrial and Plastic markets. Don the founder tells us that he was 50yrs old when he founded the company therefore the number 50. As for the GP in the name it’s not quite so clear, General Pressure, Great People, and so on. Ken believes its stands for Grand Prix.

Both drivers agree that they must be more consistent this year if they want to be on the podium at the end of the season. On top of that Ken and Pierre would like to win a few finals in 2017.



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