The 2016 season was a good one for Eric and his team the GP-12 Long Shot. They took 2nd place in the Championship and made it to the podium many times including a first place finish in TonaEricLangevinwanda.   Among his best moments in the boat-racing world along with the win in Tonawanda were his two wins in Valleyfield in 2005 and 2010 when he was in the 2.5L class.

Eric is also a Valleyfield native; therefore he has been present at all the editions of the Regates de Valleyfield since birth. He began dreaming of driving a hydroplane at a very young age. This also guided
him in both his personal and professional life. Driving a hydroplane is a challenge that he likes every time he gets in the boat. He builds his own motors, which makes it all the more enjoyable. The atmosphere and the camaraderie in the pits are also unique.
The 2017 season will be shortened for the driver of the GP-12 because the boat requires some major changes. So the aim this year will be to test some new equipment in order to come back stronger in 2018. Even so Eric and his team hope to be among the top teams at the events that they will attend.


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