2016-08-07 120

Last year was one of the toughest for Brandon having been involved in the biggest accident of his career.  After thinking things through over the winter the driver of the GP-25 H8 Cancer Racing Team made his decision to return for another season on the HRL circuit. He is very appreciative of his wife Karson, his family and his fans, all of which helped him through this difficult time.

It was family that gave him his love for the sport. Family was his motivation for a long time but since he became associated with a special cause in 2015, Brandon has a new source of motivation. In fact in 2015, Brandon and his team became associated with the H8 Cancer Foundation a cause he holds dear to his heart. Since that time, Brandon gives it his all in honor of the people that battle cancer every day. What counts the most for Brandon is no longer the trophies but rather, “ being something these amazing people that are fighting for their life can look forward to watching.”

His wins in Valleyfield are part of his most cherished moments, but watching his wife win in Valleyfield was the best moment ever. Besides that, in Valleyfield, on the Winner’s dock, he asked Karson to marry him after his wins in both the H-350 class and the Grand Prix class.

For 2017 Brandon wants to get back on top and preform as usual. The driver of the GP-25 wants to get back on the podium and win a final.   Following a test session in the past weeks he feels ready and confident that he can make a good run for the Championship.


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