Bert Henderson 1

Last year, Bert got off to a good start winning the first three weekends. In the second half of the season, however, mechanical problems often prevented him from performing well and he slid back in the ranking to finish in 5th place in the Championship.

The driver of the GP-777 always goes through the same routine before a race. He gets in his truck to prepare mentally. He likes to be alone and not distracted. His preparation varies depending on which lane he will be starting from. While seated in his boat waiting for the One to the 5, he goes over the entire race in his head. The preparation is the most important part for Bert.

The Start is the moment he likes best. It’s a moment of anticipation and he hopes he can make the perfect Start.

For 2017 Bert and his team want to be more consistent in their performance. Bert thinks this year will be one of the most competitive in a long time. He hopes to make all the finals and win a few.



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