2016 was Andrew’s second year in the Grand Prix class. Both he and his team showed us that they were a force to be reckoned with.   The driver of the Fat Chance Too GP-101 represents the fourth generation of drivers in his family.   So it’s quite evident that for him also it was family that brought him into the sport.   Andrew continues to remain a part of the sport because of relationships that he has created with others during the race weekends.

What keeps Andrew coming back year after year is the fact that there just isn’t any better feeling than to drive a hydroplane.   It’s living on the fringe of total chaos. For him to be able to control this impending chaos while competing with the other drivers is a sensation that cannot be replaced.

This year Andrew and his team want to make all the finals and accumulate the most points as possible. They hope to be able to battle for the Championship in the last races of the season.


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