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Bert Henderson, Yan Beaupre, Jimmy King and Grant Hearn won the Finals.

In this first stage of the HRL 2017 season these were the Sunday Final winners.

In the Grand Prix class the top class in HRL it was the 2015 Champion Bert Henderson taking the top honors with his first win in the Finals this season driving Huey Newport’s Steeler GP-777.   The Ontario driver battled with the Title Champion Marty Wolfe for four laps to beat the driver from the Chicago (Illinois) area by one and a half second at the finish line. The Steeler ran the oval racecourse in 2:32.25 minutes compared to the Renegade GP-92’s time of 2:33.77 minutes. Mike Monahan in the TM Special GP-35, Ken Brodie in the Intensity GP-50, Mathieu Daoust in the GP-9, and Martin Rochon in the RTX Racing GP-773 followed in that order while Ghislain Marcoux in Grand Prix Valleyfield did not finish. Mario Blain was involved in a spectacular incident during the first round of qualifications and suffered some minor back pain as a result but was not seriously injured.

In the Formula 2500 class Yan Beaupre was able to fight off Tyler Kaddatz in F-519 for two laps to accomplish his first career win in a Final on the HRL circuit. The Valleyfield native driving the Yancy F-36 dominated the race from beginning to end with a time of 3:55.26 to beat Guillaume Charette in the Project 7 F-17 (4:06.47) . The defending Champion Donald Leduc in the Cannon ball F-1 rounded out the all Valleyfield driver podium. Tom Huganir F-69, Karson Kennedy F-25, Alfred Thompson F-92 and Tyler Kaddatz F-519 followed in that order while Douglas Rapp F-79 had stopped the initial start with engine problems.

In the Hydro 350 class Jimmy King took the top honors in the Final driving the Pleasure Seekers H-12. The Wales Michigan driver was given the advantage when the boat driven by Partick Haworth H-79 Bad Influence experienced engine problems and had to stop in the middle of the race course. The Valleyfield native took an excellent start and was leading the race by two boat lengths when he had to stop. This paved the way for Jimmy King who was followed by Donny Allen H-14, Richard Haineult H-2, Todd Liddycoat H-97, and Remey Leblanc H-799 in that order. The two boats from the Penzoil team, the H-30 driven by Bert Henderson and the H-300 driven by Scott Liddycoat did not finish the race. Donny Allen and Remy Leblanc were qualified by winning their Final consolation races.

The Final in the 2.5L class gave way to an extraordinary accomplishment for the novice Grant Hearn in his Legacy 1 Too S-52 winning his very first Final on the HRL circuit. Being under restrictions he had to start and remain on the outside of the racecourse for the entire race but that did not stop the young man from Dayton Ohio from beating Alexis Weber in the My Way S-55 by a little more than a second. Frederic Couturier S-313, Tommy Shannon S-4, Detek Demers S-44, and Pierre- Olivier Paquet S-107 followed in that order. Pierre-Olivier Paquet was in his first race driving Stephane Joannette’s Breaking Points.


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