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Philippe-Hervé Cardinal continued his momentum by winning his second victory in as many weeks in the 2.5-liter class on Sunday at the Brockville Regatta.

In his third season on the Hydroplane Racing League circuit, the driver from the   municipality of Les Cèdres had never triumphed in the final before winning the final in Saint-Félicien on June 24th. A long holiday weekend later, Cardinal celebrates another conquest on the rough waters of the St. Lawrence River aboard his “Unipro” S-222. The winner jumped into the lead at the exit of turn one and was never challenged afterwards. Cardinal finished in front of Tommy Shannon (S-4), Frederic Couturier (S-313), Richard Wilhelm (S-404) and Ryan Slate (S-49). Derek Demers, in the third lane was forced to retire before the first start, forcing the resumption of the final.

In the Grand Prix class, Brandon Kennedy took advantage of the penalty imposed on Bert Henderson (Steeler GP-777) for jumping the gun at the start and he took the honors in the final at the helm of the “Team 8 Cancer” GP-25. The Bear (Delaware) driver finished ahead of Ken Brodie II (GP-50), Tom Thompson (GP-25), Bert Henderson and Mike Monahan, who was also too anxious to start.Jack Lupton was unable to start because of the electrical problems in the “Miss New Zealand” GP-57 and Scott Liddycoat could not return to the final because of the damage to the hull of the “Renegade” GP-93 caused by a propeller breakage in race 3A. The “Miss Cleopatra” GP-9 was not at the rendezvous Sunday, the owner of the boat having decided to pack it up following the penalty imposed on the driver Mathieu Daoust in the event 2B Saturday.

The Brockville magic worked in the other two classes while drivers from the Ontario city of Mille-Iles were victorious in front of their fans. In the Formula 2500, Steve Armstrong was crowned winner of the final driving Busted Prop Racing F-69. The winner eclipsed by 3 seconds the “Joker” F-8 brilliantly ldriven by Jean-Francois Latour and Dylan Runne (Miss Jesel F-3), who came from the 8th lane to reach the podium after qualifying via the final consolation. Kevin Smith (F-26), Bobby King (F-92) and Yan Beaupré (F-36) followed at the finish line while Doug Martin (F-33) was penalized and Philippe Billette (F-7) did not complete the race.

In the Hydro 350, the victory was awarded to Kent Henderson in the “Team Toban” H-777 when Douglas Rapp (H-79), Rémy Leblanc (H-799) Yannick Léger (H-21) and Marc Lecompte (H- 104) all “jumped” the gun at the start. Jonathan Daoust (Water Ghost H-15) and Todd Liddycoat (H-97) inherited a spot on the podium while Donny Allen could not make the start in the new “Legacy 1” H-14. Rapp, Leblanc and Léger occupied the subsequent positions with several points off Marc Lecompte having been disqualified for committing two infractions on the course.

The HRL group will present the 5th stop of the 2018 season on July 13, 14 and 15 for the 80th Valleyfield Regatta.



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