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SEPTEMBER 2-3, 2023

The Régates de Beauharnois will celebrate its 15th anniversary in June 2022, at Bourcier Park. It is on the waters of Lake Saint-Louis that the 80 or so teams that make up the HRL Hydroplane Régates League are meeting for the first time in Quebec.

Among the events of the season, the HRL has three in Quebec. The Régates de Beauharnois is one of the most exciting events for both drivers and amateurs.


The DNA of the Régates de Beauharnois is :


– More than 15 years of history and know-how;
– A festival that brings people together at an affordable price;
– A major event in the western part of the Montérégie;
– Two days of unique and exciting races;
– Hundreds of spectators attend each year;
– The excellent work of many volunteers year after year.