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 Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, December 7, 2018. – The Hydroplane Racing League announces the 10 confirmed hydroplanes in the Grand Prix class on the 2019 HRL circuit.

New drivers and new boats in the HRL

Mike Grendell will be the new owner of the GP-79. The boat will be coming out of the Henderson workshop in February 2019 and will be driven by Douglas Rapp. The Valleyfield champion in the Hydro 350 class will officially make his debut in the Grand Prix class in 2019. The driver with more than 9 years of experience will definitely be a contender to watch on the circuit.

As for the GP-57 Miss New Zealand, it will now be number GP-577. Jack Lupton leaves the controls to his brother Ken. For his part, Joe Sovie will always be associated with the team and will share the wheel with Ken.

A new partnership has been concluded with the American Jim Martin. He will compete on the circuit with GP 43 known as the old GP-9, completely refurbished over the last two years. The driver, Tony Black, with 37 years of experience with hydroplanes will take the wheel during the summer of 2019. The man looking for challenge and competition will impress more than a few!

Grand Prix drivers

Among the 10 drivers in the Grand Prix class, we will find 4 Canadians who will drive boats; Mathieu Daoust (GP-9 Miss Cleopatra), Mike Monahan (GP-35 TM Special) and Bert and Kent Henderson (GP-777 Steeler).

In addition, 9 Americans will also be contenders including: Andrew Tate and Donny Allen (GP-14 Legacy 1), Brandon Kennedy (GP-25 H8 Cancer Racing), Tony Black (GP-43 Hot Tamales), Ken Brodie and Jimmy King (GP-50 Intensity), Douglas Rapp (GP-79 Bad Influence), Tom Thompson (GP-525 Fat Chance) and Joe Sovie (GP-577 Miss New Zealand).

We can also count on New Zealand driver Ken Lupton (GP-577 Miss New Zealand).

Let’s remember that it was Brandon Kennedy who won the Championship in the Grand Prix class with a total of 321 points. He also won the championship title in Valleyfield, with a difference of 4 points between him and the GP-777 Bert Henderson.

The League promises a season of thrills! There will be more than one driver to watch on the 2019 circuit.