Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, May 9, 2019. – The Hydroplane Racing League will officially begin the 2019 season in Cambridge on May 18th.

List of registered boats in JSS

As announced a few months ago the Jersey Speed Skiff class has been officially added to the Hydroplane Racing League. JSS will be present in Cambridge, Brockville, Valleyfield, North Tonawanda, Evansville, Detroit and Beauharnois. To date we can count 6 teams in JSS including Tom Pakradooni, the champion, the one to beat! You will find attached to this press release the list of entries for the 2019 season in the JSS class as well as the other four habitual classes of the League.

HRL Calendar

One of HRL’s goals for the coming years is to create quality events in markets that can offer development opportunities.

To this end, DREI the Detroit race organization approached us to add the Hydro 350 and Jersey Speed Skiff classes to their program. Unable to pass on such an opportunity HRL announces that these 2 classes will be present at the Detroit races on August 24 and 25, 2019 in addition to the Grand Prix class.

In addition, HRL is continuing negotiations to add Evansville to its schedule for the 2019 season. Some details are yet to be finalized before officially announcing this race site located in Indiana being part of the 2019 circuit. You will find attached to this press release the calendar for the 2019 season.


The Hydroplane Racing League wishes to make known some modifications to the 2019 rules.

During the racing season, two changes of boats including the original hull will be allowed. The replacement boats must not be registered in the HRL Championship and must comply with HRL regulations.

Secondly, the hulls must respect the following maximum dimensions including projections and minimum weight with driver.

A – 2.5 liter class and Formula 2500

Length: 18’2 ” | Width: 9’4 ” | Weight: 1050 lbs | Maximum width of the tunnel: 64 inches

B – Hyro 350 class

Length: 20’5 ” | Width: 10’3 ” | Weight: 1700 lbs | Maximum width of the tunnel: 72 inches

Les Regates de Valleyfield

Last year the Hydro 350 class hydroplanes were in the spotlight with a new formula since they had two qualifications and a final for the day on Friday at Regates de Valleyfield. This year the Formula 2500 class will be added to the Friday program July 12, 2019.

It is the sum of the race times of the two qualifications that will determine the eight finalists in each class. For this occasion, the qualifications will only be three laps rather than the usual five. For the finals, it will be 5 laps. However, the scoring system will remain the same for the championship standings, except that at the end of the day, the points collected will not be counted for the weekend.

A technological shift for the HRL

HRL will reveal its own mobile app soon! This app will be downloadable in iOS and Android version. The application will satisfy both true fans of the sport as well as the average person who just wants to learn more. It will be possible to consult live race results, driver profiles (according to each class), the 2019 season calendar, the race sites, the social networks of the HRL, the online shop as well as an explanatory section of the operation. races: Hydroplane 101.

With all the changes made over the past year The Hydroplane Racing League is excited to start the 2019 season.