Alex Tremblay embodies youth in the brotherhood of drivers on the hydroplane circuit. The young man from Beauharnois was only 17 years old when he first boarded a hydroplane at the Cambridge Maryland Regatta last May and the apprenticeship is still in progress.

In fact, Alex took the wheel of the 2.5 liter “Maverick” S-29 less than 9 months after obtaining his driver’s license in August 2017. Next weekend, at the Beauharnois Regatta, he will race in front of his family 3 days after turning 18 on August 29th.

For Alex and his family regattas are a family affair. His grandfather Robert Tremblay drove hydroplanes of the class 280 cubic inches (5 liters) in the 70s and 80s. Richard Tremblay, Alex’s father, and his aunt Dominique, have been active in the race teams for a long time.

From the age of 5, Alex has tasted the atmosphere of hydroplane racing. His path was traced and after being a teammate of Louis Allard’s team “Big Decision” H-4 in adolescence, the time has come to occupy the seat of a boat. Since the acquisition of Tommy Shannon’s former “Valleyfield Auto Parts” S-4, Alex is supported in his adventure by his father Richard, his mother, Brigitte Bergeron, his brother Gabriel Tremblay, Aunt Dominique and Félix Sauvé, a good friend of the driver.

Alex did not take long to get aquatinted with his boat, from his first start he had his hydroplane hovering at the limit over the water. “Certainly I was high off the water. When it bounces around it means that you are going fast “, expressed the first millennium (born in 2000) to drive over the waves in the Hydroplane Racing League (HRL).

Like many competitors, Alex has experienced hardships that have slowed his development. An engine failure in Saint-Félicien and a hook in Brockville, Ontario, prevented him from finishing his driving restrictions as quickly as desired.

Thus, the new kid will have to fly over the course without making any mistakes in his initial outing in the Beauharnois Regatta in order to be able to take unrestricted starts during the rest of the weekend. “I’m aiming for 4th or 5th place to get closer to Ryan Slate in the standings,” said Alex Tremblay. By beating the Kingston driver of the S-49’s “Lone Ranger” in the championship, the young Beauharnois born driver will improve his chances of winning the rookie of the year award.

On the verge of undertaking a DEP in electro mechanics, Alex Tremblay wants to secure his future but his future seems to want to include hydroplanes too. At the end of the week, he will be able to experience in his hometown the sensations that he gets from his favorite sport.

Alex Tremblay, who turns 18 a few days before the Beauharnois Regatta, drove a hydroplane less than 9 months after obtaining his drivers license. The young driver from Beauharnois showed during his first laps on board the “Maverick” S-29 that he was not afraid.

(Photo: Journal Saint-François – Pierre Langevin)

Credit : Denis Bourbonnais – Journal St-François