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Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, August 30th, 2019. — The Hydroplane Racing League announced a new set up for the race course for the Regates de Beauharnois  on September 7th and 8th.

3 turn race course

With water level being so high Hydro-Québec must allow a greater flow of water. The unusual strong current and swirl force the HRL Board of Directors to reposition the race course.

«Drivers security is a priority and following last night verification it was agreed to move the race course » announced the HRL commissionnor Didier-Bernard Séguin.

The new race track will have a «D» shape (see diagram). Formely we had 2 turns streightaway. «Fans will certainly appreciate this new design with 3 turns and shorter streightaway» mentionned Patrick Haworth, race director.

High degree of competition!

For this last race of the HRL 2019 season, actions will be at it’s best. In the 2,5 liters, only 49 points seperate Derek Demers (S-44) from Richard Wilhelm (S-4) who’s actually in first place.

In the Formula 2500, it’s even tighter with only 38 points between Bobby King (F-92) in first place and Scott Liddycoat (F-63) right behind him.

JSS class, the 2019 winner is already crowned. The JSS-7 Tom Pakradooni cliched the championship last weekend in Detroit. However, nothing is decided for the second and 3rd step of the podium.

An extreme battle will take place in the Hydro 350 and the Grand Prix classes. In the Hydro 350, Runne (H-12) has a slite lead of 3 points over Kent Henderson and 4 points from Donny Allen (H-14) in 3rd position. With a total of 90 available for the weekend, which team will take advantage to win the highest honors ?

An unusual scenario take place in the GP class. GP-777 / Jimmy King and GP-25 / Brandon Kennedy are even with 444 points. What a coincidence! In this special year where Regates de Valleyfield honored the legendary driver of the Grand Prix Valleyfield GP 444 Mr. Robert Théorêt.