Gagnants H350

Denis Bourbonnais – Journal Saint-François

While the Championship races were settled during the very last event of the season in the Grand Prix and Hydro 350 classes, the finals brought their lots of surprises on Sunday at the 13th Regates de Beauharnois

Veteran Jimmy King was crowned Champion driving the GP-777 GP Grand Prix, taking advantage of Brandon Kennedy’s (GP-25) stopping in the final to secure a third GP title in career. In Hydro 350, Dylan Runne finished 2nd in the final driving the “Pleasure Seeker” H-12 and this result allowed him to win the championship, a 3rd in as many years in 3 different classes.

A big surprise in the final in H-350 when Michael Tremblay beat all the odds by triumphing in Bill Vielhauer’s “Last Minute Again” H-8. The decisive race in the Grand Prix class was also marked by multiple twists when Jimmy King, the first to cross the finish line, was penalized for an illegal entry on the course from the back stretch before the start. Ken Brodie II, who had to start in the second row, came from nowhere to take the victory in the GP-50 Intensity.

In the other classes, Dominic Demers took the honors in the 2.5-liter final in the Wave Dancer S-44 and Bobby King, who was crowned champion in Saturday’s Formula 2500 class dominated the final race of the season at the wheel of the “Tenacity” F-92 owned by Alfred Thompson. In Jersey Speed Skiff, Jimmy Stewart (JS-10) repeated his achievement in Valleyfield by beating the already proclaimed championTom Pakradooni (JS-7) during this last race of 2019.

Grand Prix: tied until the last start

Never before seen in the Grand Prix class , Jimmy King and Brandon Kennedy were tied for the championship with 505 points before the start of the final. However,the unexpected end to the season became an anticlimax when Brandon Kennedy suffered a loss of control before the start and had to stop the “GP-25” in the middle of the racecourse.

Jimmy King came out of the first turn in first place in the GP-777 “Steeler” and held off the onslaught of Mke Monahan (GP-35), the Memphis (Michigan) driver held on until the end. The officials, however awarded a penalty to King during the starting procedure,King was penalized one lap to finish in 4th place and still win the season championship 8 points ahead of Brandon Kennedy. Ken Brodie II, starting in the second row, defied logic to win the final ahead of Mike Monahan (GP-35) and Douglas Rapp (GP-79).

In Hydro 350, Michael Tremblay (H-8) started from lane five and managed to position himself alongside Nicolas Rousse (H-799), who had the inside lane at the exit of the first turn. Rousse took a slight lead over Tremblay but halfway through the race the right sponson of “AllardMé” H-799 was punctured and put an end to his chances of winning. Tremblay never looked back after that and the “H-8” crossed the finish line ahead of Dylan Runne (H-12), Bobby King (H-242), Kent Henderson (H-777), Jonathan Daoust (H-15), Bobby Kennedy (H-79), Nicolas Rousse (H-799) and Derec Smith (H-13), who received a penalty.

Dominic Demers forgot the disqualification of the “S-44” in Valleyfield in the 2.5-liter class and he dominated the final ahead of rookie Owen Henderson (S-16), local favorite Alex Tremblay (S-29), Richard Wilhelm (S-404), who won the championship the day before, Yves Villeneuve (S-6), Maxime Lemieux (S-912) and Yan Lecompte (S-199), who received a penalty.

In the Formula 2500, Bobby King doubled his conquest of the championship on Saturday by winning the final 24 hours later in the “Tenacity” F-92. Tyler Kaddatz (F-519) concluded the campaign with a 2nd position and a season podium, a 3rd overall in the “Ah Sum Secret”.

Grant Hearn (H-14), who had an outstanding weekend with 3 wins in qualifying, completed the podium driving the “Legacy 1 too”, followed by Scott Liddycoat (F-63), Max Steelo (F- 3), John Shaw (F-33), Frédéric Couturier (F-313) and Philippe Billette (F-7).

In JSS, Jimmy Stewart (JS-10), Tom Pakradooni (JS-7), Davey Greenlaw (JS-99) and Mike Hendrickson (JS-61) were the only ones to finish in the final among the 8 entries.