Results 2016



There will be a one lap penalty and for all infractions. A P2 will result in automatic disqualification. A boat who receives a penalty during a heat will receive a maximum of 8 points. If several boats receive penalties, a number of points corresponding to the number of penalized boats having finished before him will then
be deducted from the 8 points maximum.

  • P1 – A boat passes in front of the S/F buoy between 3 and 0 sec. left on the clock.
  • P2 – A boat passes in front of the S/F buoy between 10 and 3 seconds left on the clock.
  • P3 – A boat that changes lanes with less distance than one rooster tail.
  • P4 – Did not pass one time in front of the S/F line before the official start of the race.
  • P5 – A boat that pushed another in the interior or exterior (2 lanes or more).
  • P6 – Destroying or dislodging a buoy without any apparent reason.
  • P7 – Missing a buoy without any apparent reason.
  • P8 – A boat who does not respect articles 4.12 or 8.13
  • P9 – At the Start a boat that changes lanes as per 4.2.
  • P10 – A boat, who is not in his starting lane at the start.
  • P11-All situations judged unacceptable by the Chief Referee.

A boat with 2 penalties and more or with an unsportsmanlike conduct will be an
automatic disqualification.


  • DNF – Did not finish
  • DNS – Did not start
  • DNQ – Disqualified